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Our GATE of ISHTAR door handle was named after the eighth gate to the inner city of Babylon. It is designed to perform superior to common door handles on the market; it combines two functions within itself - being a normal door handle and a safety door chain in one piece. The GATE of ISHTAR door handle is suitable for left or right handed operation.

PUSH the red spring loaded button and the door handle will slide towards the door - rotate the handle   180 degrees clockwise into the door frame mounted bracket.
RELEASE the red spring loaded button and the door handle will automatically slide outwards into the bracket and safely lock the door handle in place. The system is now resistant to any penetration from outside the door.

The main body of the door handle - as well as the door frame mounted bracket - are made from sand casted aluminum. The unfinished surface gives the object a very characteristic industrial look as well as a distinct haptically touching experience.

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peter sehorsch
dipl. -ing. architektur
dipl. designer
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Sehorsch Architektur und Design is a Weil am Rhein based firm, established in 2001. We offer a comprehensive support revolving around the entire spectrum of product development process.
The extensive international experience of our team members makes us a competitive, competent and valuable partner. Our team consists of Designers, Architekten, Writers and Craftsmen. This scientific knowledge is used to aid and to optimize our product design process.

Our creativity and love of design together with the know-how of our team members enables us to successfully achieve the product – or building -requirements and targets of our customers for their respective markets.
We consult, freelance and think tank on private and commercial projects. The midnight design disease keeps us moving in all directions – but our focus on good design is constant.

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Peter Sehorsch

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