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Sochi, Russia


In order to develop a working concept for the upcoming Winter Olympics as well as the urban concept fot the Legacy, several factors had to be included into the planning process to realize the 1,820,485 square meter site.

  • a grand link from the mountains to the port
  • a transit spine of streets and places
  • a green network travelling through the site
  • mixed-use districts of distinct character
  • a varied waterfront

The Town Center will be the densest district in the Village.  It will integrate hotel, convention, retail, residential, office, cafes, and restaurants around finely grained pedestrian oriented streets.

Based upon the Water-Front Promenade in Yalta, the Marina District will become the premier Black Sea Resort Destination with its mix of restaurants, small shops, hotel, residential, and offices clustered around a public plaza and promenade with linkages to a state of the art Aqua Park.

The Mixed Residential District acts as a link between the Marina and the Transit Station.  The district is bi-sected by a Transit Boulevard with light rail and mixed density blocks.  Linking the street in the other direction, the grand canal offers an open space amenity with trails and riparian habitat.  Leading from the lake areas to the botanical garden, the canals are an important part of the hydrology of the site.  Local pocket parks create neighborhoods around which various housing types are clustered in close proximity.

The Olympic Village will bring together Athletes, the Olympic Federation, and Family within a quiet resort-like campus.  While staying at the hotels, visitors will enjoy access to an interconnected environment of water related amenities including beaches, lakes, and trails.  Hotels will eventually be converted to 4- and 5- star properties with adjoining cabanas and luxury residences.

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